Weight Loss


The Process

Despite oversimplification by some medical professionals, health is not as simple as a BMI and the number on the scale. “Eat less and exercise more” is not (and has never been) effective. Because of her own journey, Dr. McDonald has taken a special interest in working with patients on weight as it impacts their health and providing the necessary time and education to equip her patients for success. Evaluating lab work, a diet log, health and personal weight history, family history, efforts tried and failed, lifestyle and goals make managing weight easiest with a personalized and tailored approach.

Woman Sitting Nest to Weights and Holding a Shake

Discuss Goals

We will discuss your short- and long-term goals, as well as reviewing your current health and lifestyle to determine your individual journey, strengths and barriers.


Create Customized Plan

Since not all people are the same, you will receive tailored education on how your body works and how to take advantage of its systems; meal plans; discuss supplements and/or medications; and schedule “check-ins” instead of applying a “one size fits all” approach.


Conclude Results

Periodic check-ins allow us to dial-in your plan and fine tune your progress. Since health is not a destination, maintenance and long-term goals will be discussed and can be followed up at annual visits once you have reached all your original goals.

Easier Than You Think

Your body was made to function efficiently, and Dr. McDonald’s goal is to help you create a lifestyle change using the efficiency to your advantage (with an integrated mind-body approach), rather than just offer another diet roller coaster as a quick fix. Dr. McDonald empathizes with busy patients. Being a working mom herself, she understands carving time to invest in your own health can seem daunting, but she will work with you at your pace and around your schedule. Your weight loss journey is your own and whether you want to jump in or ease in, she will collaborate with you and support you in your own goals.