Affordable Plans for a Healthy Life

Membership includes access to the physician (including long visits when necessary or desired, extended emergency hours and access through the portal for quick questions that do not require appointments), annual head to toe physical (vaccines are not currently offered at this practice but can be arranged for as indicated/desired at another site), monthly newsletter, and access to physician's library of recommended books.

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Everyone is welcome to schedule a free introductory meeting before becoming a member. This helps ensure that we will be the right fit for your health needs.



18 years or older, payable once a year or biannually.

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17 years or younger with an adult member, payable once a year or biannually.

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Why Memberships?

  • Direct Primary Care works quite well in conjunction with a high deductible health plan
  • Cost for a problem-focused visit for members is only $40 (not including fees for urine drug screens done in-office, etc) and patients can seek reimbursement through their own insurance if desired.
  • Discounted fee for labs if paid through Soldara and drawn at contracted lab (so that patients with high deductible health plans do not have high lab costs)
  • Annual preventative labs are included in membership (exact labs vary by published guidelines/recommendations based on age, race, sex, family history)

Let's Talk About Insurance

Direct Primary Care is not insurance and is not covered directly by insurance plans. Use of HSA/HRA/FSA funds for membership should be discussed with your accountant.

This physician has opted out of Medicare. We still care for Medicare patients, but they will not be allowed to seek reimbursement for office visits through Medicare.