Primary Care

Jara McDonald M.D.

The Process

Our practice is equipped to provide care to patients of all ages. Although we do not provide prenatal care, we do see patients of any age - from birth through the end of life.

What We Do

To begin, a complete set of patient's records are requested including labs, specialists, and previous PCP records to scour for anything that may have been previously missed or not shared. A very thorough history of personal health and family health is taken to determine if patients are at high risk for anything preventable or modifiable.These findings are then explained to the patient and goals are set to achieve their health and wellness targets.

Additionally, we provide routine services such as pap smear, wellness, well child checks (but no vaccines at this time), and annual and sports physicals. We can also diagnose and treat routine health problems (with the goal of helping patients get off of meds if desired/possible), such as hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, menopause with hormone replacement, birth control, reflux, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, IBS, etc.

We can also help with more urgent care issues. We can see member patients quickly for coughs, colds, UTIs, etc. and, in some certain cases, patients can be seen via telemedicine.

Annual Visits

Your annual visit is covered as part of your membership with us. Healthy patients are seen at least once a year for preventative care. Follow up appointments can be scheduled depending on the number, type and status of diagnoses a patient has.


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